10 Things Employers are looking for in an Interview

Attending an interview can be extremely daunting if you don’t feel ‘ready’ enough for it. Preparing adequately for an approaching interview will ensure that the process will run a lot smoother and have more beneficial results. Showing up to an interview uneducated about the company and dressed inappropriately will be enough to sign you off as a possibility for employment.

Employers are looking for talented, presentable and qualified employees, which is why you need to go into your next interview prepared and ready to take on anything that the interviewers may throw your way. Here are ten things that employers will be looking for in an interview – feel free to check them off as you go along.

1. Work Experience
Most job advertisements and notices state a certain length of time regarding relevant work experience. For example, to work as a bar tender, most pubs and restaurants want to hire someone who has a minimum of two years experience or more. This can be incredibly frustrating if you lack that, which is why considering Call Centre Jobs might be worth your while. You will develop your communication skills and gain valuable work experience.

2. Knowledge about the Company
If you show up to your interview completely clueless about the position or the company interviewing you, there is very little chance they will even consider you for employment.
Do your research beforehand and come into the interview prepared.

3. Bursting with Confidence
A certain level of confidence will make you seem like a better choice for employment. Employers will examine how confidently you speak and interact with them. You don’t want to come across as being ‘cocky’ but showing that you are confident and right for the position will be a good start.

4. Presentable Appearance
Your physical appearance is very important in interviews. You must wear appropriate attire and keep the baggy jeans and flip flops at home.

5. Good Communication Skills
Being able to communicate clearly with the interviewer will present you in the best possible light. Try your best not to let your nerves get the best of you.

6. Shining CV
According to Business 2 Community, the average time spent by recruiters looking at a resume is between five to seven seconds so make sure that yours is shining.

7. Keen Interest and Enthusiasm
Showing obvious enthusiasm about the company and available position will let the employer see that you are passionate about the company and will make a great addition to the team.

8. Good Credibility
Employers often take to social media to ‘investigate’ potential candidates and to get a better idea of who you are as a person. Your reputation is very important so be conscious of this the next time you consider posting a questionable photo of yourself on Twitter.

9. Competence
Employers value competence. They will prefer an individual who will help expand the company, not shrink it down or force it into a standstill. You have to be good at what you do, so keep trying to improve your skills on the job.

10. Body Language
According to www.theundercoverrecruiter.com 33% of bosses know within the first 90 seconds of an interview whether they will hire someone, whilst 67% of bosses say that failure to make eye contact is a common non-verbal mistake. Your body language plays a major role in interviews, so sit up straight, make eye contact and smile.

This is a guest blog and may not necessarily represent the views of CV Writers Ltd.

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