9 Creative Careers & How To Get Into Them

If you’re a creative person it’s important that you harness your flair in your career. If you bottle up your talent and set it aside while settling for something run of the mill you’ll only regret it later in life. Don’t let your talents go to waste, use your strengths to get the best job you can. Check out these nine careers that could allow you to flourish…

A picture is worth a thousand words, so the saying goes. Many believe, for example, that powerful pictures of drowned toddler Aylan Kurdi turned the course of public debate on refugees over in the UK. That may be an extreme example, but in photography those who can use their eye for a defining image can put this creative flair to use for a whole range of different industries. How? No matter what type of photography you want to get into practice is vital. Get a good camera and build up a portfolio of pictures to show what you can do.

Those who can create, teach. Don’t believe it? As a teacher you’ll veer from coming up with creative displays to devising imaginative lesson plans, book inspirational educational trips and running extra curricular clubs to challenge those pupils who have a passion and interest. All the time while keeping a class full of children entertained – certainly a role for a creative thinker. How? Teachers normally enter the profession following QTS training and university training. Free schools mean that there are now different paths into the profession.

Interior Designer
Most people know what they want from their homes but it’s actually really tricky to realize that in practice. As a creative type you’ll be adept at taking a theme, style or idea and turning that into a reality through color and design. How? You’ll need to study. Either take a full on art or design related degree or aim to come up through the ranks as a design assistant after taking a diploma.

Writers too translate ideas, thoughts and themes into reality – only through the written word rather than design. You can use a flair for writing in a whole host of different spheres – from journalism to fiction to marketing and beyond. How? This depends on the industry. It’s probably important to get a qualification that backs up your ability to write well and these days you can easily build a portfolio to prove your worth through a blog or website.

Graphic artist
Leave a mark with your creative vision by working to design the way the world looks. From wielding your mouse on eye-catching poster campaigns, to utilizing Airblast AFC blasting rooms to help prepare and brand vehicles, your creativity could seen and enjoyed far and wide. How? You’ll need a degree or to search out an apprenticeship. Practice and perfect your technical skills in your free time to help get a place.

Games designer
Never off your X-box? Hooked on the PS4? Don’t just play the games – create them too. Creative minds help fuel innovative new releases that capture our gaming imagination on consoles, PCs and mobiles. It’s a lucrative and creative business. How? This handy infographic sums up all the skills and qualifications involved in becoming a games designer, as well as the potential rewards.

How do businesses stand out from the crowd? Having a great product or service isn’t enough. People need to know about it and the way to spread the word is through effective marketing. But, think about it. How do you get a thorough understanding of a customer’s tastes and cater a campaign to meet those? How do you ensure your business is chosen above others in its field? Creative thinking is the key. How? Marketing isn’t a job title, it’s a whole industry. You’ll need to specialize – whether that’s in writing, designing, PR, SEO or another field – and then get your foot in the door of an agency or an in-house team.

Film director
Some of the sharpest creative minds in the world are those who help to deliver our favorite motion pictures to the silver screen. Taking a script and making it shine in a multi-million dollar production is a tough job and takes a huge amount of creative flair. How? You’re not going to get straight to Hollywood, but through training programs – or maybe by acting – you can get a foot in the door and earn your shot at the big time.

Creativity takes many forms. Above we’ve seen how design and the written word are powerful ways to express yourself – but for some people their talent shines through via music and, provided you are good enough, this can be a rewarding job. How? Complete your music exams, join a band, focus on your top talent and practice…. lots!

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