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Career coaching service

Are you happy in your current career? Do you feel unfulfilled and unhappy in your work? Are you thinking about changing career or taking a new direction? If so, you need to review your situation. To take a step back and consider what you want out of work and what options are available. Working with a qualified career coach, we will help you identify what your key skills are and what motivates you. This is about enabling you to visualise the way ahead, take control of your destiny and get your career back on track.

Free 10-minute career consultation

Our no obligation 10-minute career coaching fact finding session will help you identify what you will gain from the service. Telephone us on 0845 435 0136 or email to find out more.

30-minute Skype/telephone coaching

Following a short fact-finding conversation, your career coach will arrange a 30-minute coaching session to facilitate the exploration of your future career options, help you identify aspects that might be holding you back and from moving forward. They will also review your potential and help you to facilitate change to enhance your career. The session will assist you to make positive changes and form your own career solutions. Further 30-minute sessions can be purchased if required.
It is important to note that career coaching is not careers guidance but offers you a method of facilitation to realign your career and will support and encourage a career focus. A career coach will not be directive or make decisions on your behalf.

Comprehensive Skype/telephone career coaching

Following a fact-finding call to discuss and agree outputs, this service includes three 30-minute Skype/telephone sessions which offers more in depth and focused career coaching, which may involve some ‘homework’ for you to carry out between sessions. The sessions will enable goal construction and clarification and focus on an outcome or action plan for personal growth.

Who will be your consultant?

Our career consultant holds a certificate in life coaching, has 13 years’ experience in HR, 3 years’ in recruitment and is also an experienced CV writer.

Career coaching



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