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Our professional CV writing service has the power to open doors. In a tough and competitive jobs market the importance of a CV that shouts your strengths and achievements is absolutely vital. Your CV needs to paint a compelling picture of your accomplishments and leave a memorable impression. At CV Writers we make sure that's exactly what will happen. Through our seamless consultation process, expert writing and affordable prices, our CV writing services will enhance your career potential.

It’s not about telling your life’s work history, it’s about getting you invited to interview

On average employers and recruiters spend less than 30 seconds reading a CV. This may be disheartening if you’ve spent hours toiling away. But there is simply no point in writing pages of detail. A decision on calling you to interview will probably be made in the time it takes you to finish reading this paragraph. The CV needs to engage the reader immediately, demonstrate relevance and highlight concrete achievements. You have to approach it from the reader’s point of view. This underpins our whole approach.

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Which CV writing service is right for you? Our most popular product is the Immediate Impression 2 page CV. This includes a telephone consultation so we can focus the CV to your career ambition, write a powerful professional profile and highlight relevant achievements. We provide a similar service for students and graduates with our High Impact CV. Alternatively, we'll edit and restyle your current CV into our market tested format as part of a CV Makeover. You should also consider optimising your Linkedin profile. Or how about a covering letter? CV Writers offer a variety of discount packages to include these with your new CV.

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Your professional CV writer is more than just an expert wordsmith. Of course they will craft a CV that expresses your expertise and achievements in a compelling fashion. Of course they will write an engaging professional profile that captures the attention of even the weariest recruiter. But they will also boost your confidence and be your advocate. They will guide you through the challenging maze of job hunting and help you to get the best out of job boards and recruitment consultants.

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CV Writers is the trusted partner of choice for career sites representing over 10 professional industry bodies and associations including the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the Royal Institute of Town Planners (RTPI). In addition we are exclusive partners with highly regarded job boards in just about every industry sector. Click here to see a selected list of professional industry organisations and job board partners.


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“The CV is amazing, easily surpassing my expectations. I’d recommend CV writers to any of my friends. The CV writer got it spot on. Many thanks again.”

Philip P
Operations Director

“A big thank you. I am really pleased I went with your CV writing service. You managed to emphasise all the right parts that will score me an interview!”

Hannah M

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