A comprehensive CV is perfect when presenting a detailed career history is vital

Comprehensive 3+ page CV Service

Premium CV writing service with consultation

A three or more page CV is ideal for roles where a detailed work history is important – such as a medical or legal practitioner or an academic with a long list of publications. Your UK based professional CV writer will organise an in-depth consultation with you to explore and understand all about your relevant achievements and target your CV towards your ideal next role.


Why a consultation?

This service includes a detailed telephone/skype consultation so we can get an in-depth understanding of your career history and achievements. 

Who will be my consultant?

Your UK based CV consultant is not just an expert wordsmith. Much of the skill in CV writing is in asking the right questions. So your CV consultant will glean all the necessary information to write a CV that is original and engaging.

How long it will take?

Our usual terms are 5 working days from the time of your consultation to write and deliver the CV to you. 

30% discount packages*

If you take out a cover letter and/or Linkedin profile at the same time as your comprehensive CV then you get a 30% discount off the price of these additional items. 

Comprehensive CV


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You can buy with confidence. Helping you get your new job is our ambition and we’re 100% committed to your success. All our CV writing services aim to significantly improve your chances of getting the interviews you deserve. The vast majority of our customers are happy with our products first time but if you require any changes you can liaise with your CV writer to make as many amendments as you need for the next two weeks after delivery. It’s yet another reason you’ve chosen the best CV writing service. Give us a call on 0845 436 0136 to find out how we can help you.