7 Careers In Product Design & Logistics You May Have Not Considered

The areas of product design and logistics offer a diversity of skills leading to an exciting range of careers. Whatever your qualifications you may well be able to find employment in a variety of fields. Logistics isn’t simply concerned with the transportation of goods and the skills used in product design cover a whole range of sectors. Here are seven career choices in these fields that you might not have considered.

1. Purchasing manager
As a purchasing manager you’ll be directly involved with the organisation and acquisition of products. Planning plays a key role, including stock movement and other factors. For example, a search for castors at Tente website will provide access to tools which are perfect to attach to forklifts, ensuring products can be moved around warehouses with ease. Just take a look here at the responsibilities you’ll have to undertake in this role.

2. Think Globally
Why not work for an international auction house if you have logistics experience? Behind the exhibition of every piece of art or sculpture that you’ve ever seen in a gallery are months of planning in order for it to be seen in its current viewing space. If you show attributes for planning, can negotiate international officialdom and have the patience of a saint, then this could be an opening for you.

3. Use your gaming skills
Traditional product design roles require an attention to detail, a methodical approach to working and liasing as part of a team. With the increasing popularity of computer gaming across the world you may find that you can use your skills in creating imaginary models to live in virtual worlds. This is a highly lucrative market, so why not get paid to enjoy your passion?

4. Events organiser
Every event, no matter its scale, needs a planner. Those with qualifications in either logistics or product design may find this role fulfilling. Precise planning, an ability to envisage the end product and an awareness of working within a fixed budget are all essential requirements for this role. Imagine organising an anniversary stage show for an international band – hectic work admittedly – but rewarding once you and your team have succeeded.

5. Look to the high street
Those with qualifications in either product design or logistics could look at working for a UK high street store chain. An article in The Guardian suggested that anyone with these qualifications or experience would be warmly welcomed at any of these enterprises. Those who can demonstrate an ability to think on their feet, the ability to problem solve, and have meticulous attention to detail, will be able to fill a management role within these organisations.

6. Product manager
The role of the product manager encompasses a range of responsibilities. The major requirement that employers are looking for is passion for a product and how to get it to market. An understanding of budgets, costings and liaising with development teams is also essential.

7. Charity organiser
Increasingly, the role of many international charities is to distribute aid in the form of medicine, people and supplies across the world. A product designer has to be able to visualise physical solutions to problems, a logistics expert has to be able to plan how to get these solutions to their end destination. These are perfect attributes for anyone who wants to work in this field.

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