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Linkedin now boasts over 220m users across the world. While this may not be up there with Facebook numbers, it has without doubt proved itself the social media platform for the business community. It’s a useful tool for building contacts and gaining market intelligence. For job seekers it’s an indispensable part of the job hunting armoury.

Linkedin usage falls into two camps. Those that actively engage with it daily and those who rarely log in, don’t complete their profile and may not have uploaded a profile photograph. If you are on Linkedin you absolutely must complete the profile and include a photo. The profile should contain as much up-to-date information as possible. It is, quite simply, better to not have a profile at all than one that is only 30% complete.

Linkedin profile writingThere is a different technique to writing a Linkedin profile than writing a CV. Linkedin should be written in first person rather than third. It shouldn’t include any sensitive information you might include in a CV. And you don’t want any bullet points – only sentences and paragraphs. But where will a recruiter look next after reading your CV? You guessed it. It will very likely be your Linkedin profile. So the two must work together and complement each other. They should be written in a similar tone and present your career consistently.

Take the time to complete as many features and sections as you can. This include projects, voluntary work, courses, memberships and any other section you can complete to enhance your appeal. Reach out and join as many groups as you feel are relevant. Join companies you’d like to work for. The stronger your network, the more opportunities you give for employers to find you. And remember to check your privacy settings. You don’t want a suspicious employer snooping on your movements.

The skills endorsement feature has been vastly overplayed by Linkedin – to the point it’s questionable whether anyone takes any notice of it. However, recommendations are still probably the single strongest feature of the site. Recommendations from colleagues, customers and business associates are very credible and believable. So don’t hold back in requesting them. The worst that can happen is you get ignored.

So, after completing your profile, the next step is to stay actively engaged. The more you drive your engagement, the more success you are likely to have. Linkedin is not the dream panacea to finding a job. It is an essential part of a wider armoury. And using it effectively can only enhance your job seeking prospects.

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