Why use a professional CV writing service?

Why using a professional CV writing service can transform your job prospects.

It’s not surprising that more and more people are realising the difference a professional CV writing service can make. A recent report by the BBC said that websites with spelling mistakes saw sales drop by over 50%. Confidence literally evaporates with basic mistakes.

The same goes for CVs. Imagine how many interview opportunities are lost every year by people simply spelling driving licence with an ‘s’ instead of a ‘c’? It’s so easy to miss your own errors yet somehow they stick out like a sore thumb to recruiters. You can almost hear them saying to themselves:

“If they make mistakes on their CV what will they be like to work with?”

But it’s about more than just careless errors. It’s actually quite difficult to write about yourself. Many people don’t sell themselves enough and ramble on about their responsibilities forgetting to focus on achievements. Facts and figures stick in the mind far more than job descriptions.

Like it or not a CV is a sales document. And in an increasingly competitive jobs market using a professional CV writing service may just give you the edge.

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